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the previous Programme is archived at Winter 2007 - 2008

Archive - HRC Summer Programme 2008

May to October 2008 T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  D/L: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal
GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson-
 WorkMonsWeekly9.30am Footpath MaintenanceVariousBill Walshaw-
 BSun27 Apr8.30am Kirk IretonBroad StreetTony Lockett16
 DSun27 Apr10.00am Trentham GardensStart PointJoyce McPhail16
* TB/CThu1 May9.30am Ashley (Bus Linear)See newsletterBill Walshaw21
* TSocialSat3 May7.45am Manchester Ship CanalSee newsletterHilary Walker-
*ASun4 May8.30am Matlock BathCastle Street (new)Allan Wells10
 CSun4 May9.30am SugnallGoose StreetMarion Walshaw19
 EWed7 May7.15pm WooreStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe27
 BSun11 May8.30am MalpasGoose StreetBob Stanley15
 DSun11 May10.00am AshleyStart PointLawrence Evans21
 CThu15 May10.00am HartingtonStart PointBill Finney14
YHASat17 May8.30am Wilderhope Youth HostelGoose StreetPaul Heathcote12
YHASun18 May- Wilderhope Youth HostelYouth HostelPaul Heathcote13
 CSun18 May9.30am BeeleyCastle StreetBill Locker17
MeetingTue20 May8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleBill Locker-
 EWed21 May7.15pm The Plateway to FoxtStart PointDave Fowler15
DLBikeThu22 May10.00am Bike RideStart PointJohn Critchlow-
 BSun25 May8.30am Derwent EdgeCastle StreetNorman Smith15
 DSun25 May10.00am HortonStart PointBrian Simpson24
MDThu29 May10.00am Four Alls + MealStart PointGordon Davenport23
HHolidaySat31 MayN/A Keswick Holiday startsWith French groupPaul Heathcote-
 ASun1 June8.30am Bolton Lakes (Lancs.)Goose StreetJack Allen5
 CSun1 June9.30am Cownslow PotCastle StreetPeter Cartlidge11
 EWed4 June7.15pm Brown EdgeStart PointBernard Heath17
HHolidaySat7 JuneN/A Keswick Holiday endsWith French groupPaul Heathcote-
 BSun8 June8.30amCastleton Castle StreetPhil Burgess17
 DSun8 June10.00am Brereton GreenStart PointBill Webb11
 CThu12 June10.00am Somersal HerbertStart PointTony Barrow11
TASun15 Jun10.00am The GlydersStart PointJohn Critchlow10
 CSun15 Jun9.30am AnslowCastle StreetTony Barrow9
 EWed18 June7.15pm CaverswallStart PointJohn Critchlow6
 ASun22 June8.30am Wirksworth HeightsCastle StreetBernard Heath13
 CSun22 June9.30am LongsdonCastle StreetJohn Brereton17
 CThu26 June10.00am BarthomleyStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe8
 BSun29 June8.30am OakeoverBroad StreetMargaret Finney11
 DSun29 June10.00am Kiddies' WalkStart PointMargaret Bailey19
 EWed2 July7.15pm BagnallStart PointMary Kirkham?
 A+Sun6 July8.30am KinderBroad StreetMike Everill8
 CSun6 July9.30am Congleton EdgeBroad StreetSue Everill9
 CThu10 July10.00am Shining TorStart PointBill Locker19
MBSun13 July8.30am BBQGoose StreetMarion Denham15
T MDSun13 July10.30am BBQStart PointDave Hollins32
MeetingTue15 July8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleBill Locker-
 EWed16 July7.15pm Astbury MereStart PointBill Webb16
 ASun20 July8.30am Chatsworth RoundBroad StreetDave Drinkwater13
 CSun20 July9.30am Cannock Chase (No pub)Goose StreetPhil Ford14
H YHHolidaySun20 JulyTBA Yorkshire Dales Tour StartsTBAKen Elkin-
H YHHolidayThu24 July- Yorkshire Dales Tour Ends-Ken Elkin-
 CThu24 July10.00am Sandstone TrailStart PointGordon Lancaster12
 BSun27 July8.30am PeckfortonGoose StreetPeter Hand21
 DSun27 July10.00am MadeleyStart PointHilary Walker32
 EWed30 July7.15pm OakamoorStart PointMargaret Abbott19
T DLA+Sun3 Aug7.45am North Berwyn WayGoose StreetDave Joynson10
 CSun3 Aug9.30am BrewoodGoose StreetKen Elkin16
M D/LE/SocialWed 6 Aug7.15pmPie and PeaStart PointKate Cooper35
 CThu7 Aug10.00am AlrewasStart PointKen Elkin7
 BSun10 Aug8.30am DilhorneCastle StreetPeter Johnson14
 DSun10 Aug10.00am DenfordStart PointDave Cooper30
 ASun17 Aug8.30am Stone EdgeCastle StreetJohn Butler13
 CSun17 Aug9.30am LittonBroad StreetDave Hollins22
 BThu21 Aug10.00am CalverStart PointMike Everill13
 BSun24 Aug8.30am IbleCastle StreetMarion Walshaw18
 DSun24 Aug10.00am WynbunburyStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe21
HHolidayWed27 AugN/A Austria Holiday starts Brian Joynson-
 ASun31 Aug8.30am Bleaklow Castle StreetGordon Gibson8
 CSun31 Aug9.30am Abbey GreenCastle StreetGillian Kay10
 BSun7 Sep8.30am Goyt ValleyBroad StreetJohn Jervis12
 DSun7 Sep10.00am Hassall GreenStart PointMartin Kessel?
HHolidayWed10 SepN/A Austria Holiday ends Brian Joynson-
 ASun14 Sep8.30am StiperstonesGoose StreetPaul Heathcote7
 CSun14 Sep9.30am SheenCastle StreetNigel Shaw16
 MeetingTue16 Sep8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleBill Locker-
 CThu18 Sep10.00am Around LongnorStart PointLorraine Bailey16
 BSun21 Sep8.30am Hanchurch HillsGoose StreetGraham Hassall16
 DSun21 Sep10.00am Berryhill FieldsStart PointAngela Doudecan30
T*D/LASun28 Sept8.00am Calderdale WayBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Critchlow-
T*D/LCSun28 Sept 8.00amCalderdale Way Blackfriars Road, NewcastlePeter Cartlidge-
 CThu2 Oct10.00am Five Wells, ChelmortonStart PointMike Harper11
D/LSocialFri3 Oct7.30pm Senior Members EveningStart PointBrian Joynson-
 ASun5 Oct8.30am WettonCastle StreetMark Pickin5
 CSun5 Oct9.30am Styal MillGoose StreetEdward Hambleton16
M D/LSocial/DThu9 Oct10.00am JCB Factory and MealStart PointPeter Cartlidge-
 BSun12 Oct8.30am SpenmossCastle StreetStan Rogers23
 DSun12 Oct10.00am TittesworthStart PointPeter Corlett25
 CThu16 Oct10.00am Ecton & WarslowStart PointBrian Joynson25
YHA/BFri - Sun17-19 OctN/A Slaidburn Youth HostelN/AAnne Jepson-
 DSun19 Oct10.00am WerringtonStart PointDoris Lloyd22
 ASun26 Oct8.30am Lask EdgeCastle StreetJohn Williams13
 CSun26 Oct9.30am Pontesbury HillGoose StreetBrian Joynson18
 CThu30 Oct10.00am TarvinStart PointSue Corlett-

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