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HRC Summer Programme 2010

May to October 2010

T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  D/L: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal

GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson-
 WorkMonsWeekly9.30am Footpath MaintenanceVariousBill Walshaw-
MSocialFri23 Apr8.00pm St. George's Day Barn DanceMeir Heath Village HallPeter Johnson-
TASun25 Apr7.30am Elidir Fawr & Foel Goch (T)Goose StreetPaul Woby8
*CSun25 Apr9.30am Stanton PeakHassall StreetJohn Brereton32
*BSun2 May8.30am Derwent EdgeHassall StreetPeter Cartlidge11
 DSun2 May10.00am Scholar GreenStart PointJoyce Rawlinson32
 EWed5 May7.15pm Hanchurch HillsStart PointVal Hiles
TA+Sun9 May8.00am Around HayfieldCommercial RoadVanda Szolucha4
 CSun9 May9.30am HawksmoorCommercial RoadMike Wilkes36
MD/LSocialWed12 May7.15pm Visit to Lymestone BreweryDLAshley Steadman-
 CThu13 May10.00am Three Shires HeadStart PointColin Pimlott
 BSun16 May8.30am BonsallCommercial RoadJohn Critchlow9
 DSun16 May10.00am Map & compass traingStart PointBill Finney24
MeetingTue18 May8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleMargaret Bailey-
 EWed19 May7.15pm BetleyStart PointLiz Dodd
YH D/LASat22 May8.00am Double A W/E Bridges YHGoose StreetPhil Burgess
D/LASun23 May8.00am Double A W/E Bridges YHGoose StreetPhil Burgess
 BSun23 May8.30am OkeoverCommercial RoadStan Rogers
 CSun23 May9.30am Sound (Audlem)Goose StreetPeter Corlett
MCThu27 May10.00am Churnet ValleyStart PointBill Locker
 BSun30 May8.30am Brown CleeGoose StreetPaul Heathcote
 DSun30 May10.00am BreretonStart PointDave Hollins
 EWed2 Jun7.15pm LoggerheadsStart PointPaul Machin
T *SocialSat5 Jun7.15pm Pipes in the PeaksStart pointJean Challinor-
TASun6 Jun8.00am Abergele Skyline (T)Goose StreetAllan Wells
 CSun6 Jun9.30am Shining TorCommercial RoadEdna Locker
 CThu10 Jun10.00am DovedaleStart PointDave Hollins
T * D/LASun13 Jun7.45am Cotswold WayBlackfriars Road, NewcastleMike Everill-
T * D/LCSun13 Jun7.45am Cotswold WayBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Brereton-
T * D/LDSun13 Jun7.45am Cotswold WayBlackfriars Road, NewcastleDave Hollins-
 EWed16 Jun7.15pm BarthomleyStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe
 ASun20 Jun8.30am WincleCommercial RoadGarry Melbourne
 CSun20 Jun9.30am Dove HeadCommercial RoadLiz Dodd
 CWed23 Jun10.00am SwynnertonCommercial RoadGordon Gibson
 CThu24 Jun10.00am North RodeStart PointJohn Moreton
 BSun27 Jun8.30am GawsworthGoose StreetCollin Pimlott
TDSun27 Jun9:40am Children's WalkStart PointMargaret Bailey
 EWed30 Jun7.15pm Rode HeathStart PointJoyce Rawlinson
 ASun4 Jul8.30am Alport TowersCommercial RoadJohn Jervis
 CSun4 Jul9.30am Branston Water ParkCommercial RoadDave Hollins
 CThu8 Jul10.00am AstburyStart PointSue Corlett
MBSun11 Jul8.30am BBQ at OakamoorCommercial RoadPeter Hand
T MDSun11 Jul11.00am BBQ at OakamoorStart PointJohn Brereton
 EWed14 Jul7.15pm CheddletonStart PointMary Kirkham
 ASun18 Jul8.30am Fenny BentlyCommercial RoadBernard Heath
 CSun18 Jul9.30am Monsal HeadCommercial RoadPeter Gannon
MeetingTue20 Jul8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleMargaret Bailey-
 CThu22 Jul10.00am Barton-under-NeedwoodStart PointTony Barrow
 BSun25 Jul8.30am WaterfallCommercial RoadNorman Smith
 DSun25 Jul10.00am Acres Nook, KidsgroveStart PointBill Webb
 EWed28 Jul7.15pm Chapel ChorltonStart PointAlan Huthwaite
T M * D/LCSat31 Jul7.30am Morecambe Bay CrossingHigh Carr Business ParkPeter Johnson
 ASun1 Aug8.30am Deep DaleCommercial RoadGordon Gibson
 CSun1 Aug9.30am Curbar EdgeCommercial RoadPeter Johnson
T M D/LE/SocialTue3 Aug7.00pm Walk & Pie Supper - Butcher's ArmsStart PointJohn Brereton
 BSun8 Aug8.30am Stanton in PeakCommercial RoadMarg Finney & Gordon Jones
 DSun8 Aug10.00am HalmerendStart PointHilary Walker
 BThu12 Aug10.00am DenstoneStart PointPeter Cartlidge
 ASun15 Aug8.30am ShutlingsloeCommercial RoadDuncan Whittall
 CSun15 Aug9.30am WettonCommercial RoadBill Locker
 BSun22 Aug8.30am Dragon's BackCommercial RoadMark Harrison
 DSun22 Aug10.00am Apedale Country ParkStart PointMike Wilkes
 CThu26 Aug10.00am Mow CopStart PointSue Everill
 ASun29 Aug8.30am Chapel-en-le-FrithCommercial RoadPhil Burgess
 CSun29 Aug9.30am Saverley GreenCommercial RoadBarrie Tunnicliffe
H D/LHolidayWed1 SepD/L Switzerland Holiday startsD/LBill Walshaw-
 BSun5 Sep8.30am WormhillCommercial RoadGillian Kay
 DSun5 Sep10.00am Barleyford BridgeStart PointPeter Corlett
 CThu9 Sep10.00am WinsterStart PointBill Finney
T * D/LASat11 SepDL Burbage-Rushton LinearPublic Transport details in Newsletter - Contact AshleyAshley Steadman
 CSun12 Sep9.30am HopedaleCommercial RoadAlan Ratcliffe
HHolidayWed15 SepD/L Switzerland Holiday endsD/LBill Walshaw-
 BSun19 Sep8.30am Win HillCommercial RoadAshley Steadman *
 DSun19 Sep10.00am * Bagnall *Start PointAngela Doudican *
 MeetingTue21 Sep8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleMargaret Bailey-
 CThu23 Sep10.00am Biddulph MoorStart PointKen Elkin
T * D/LASun26 Sept7.45am Cotswold WayBlackfriars Road, NewcastleMike Everill-
T * D/LCSun26 Sept7.45am Cotswold WayBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Brereton-
T * D/LDSun26 Sept7.45am Cotswold WayBlackfriars Road, NewcastleDave Hollins-
YHA/BFri - Sun1-3 OctD/L Howarth Youth HostelD/LBernard Heath-
H D/LHolidaySun3 OctD/L Tenby Holiday startsD/LMargaret Bailey-
 BSun3 Oct8.30am TimbersbrookCommercial RoadGarry Melbourne*
 DSun3 Oct10.00am ConsallStart PointJenny McRae*
HHolidayThu7 OctD/L Tenby Holiday endsD/LMargaret Bailey-
 ASun10 Oct8.30am High DaleCommercial RoadMark Pickin
 CSun10 Oct9.30am BrassingtonCommercial RoadKen Elkin
 CThu14 Oct10.00am Four DalesStart PointGordon Davenport-
 BSun17 Oct8.30am Cressbrook DaleCommercial RoadKath Moran
 DSun17 Oct10.00am * Alsagers Bank *Start PointBarrie Tunnicliffe *
M D/LASun24 Oct8.30am Ashby-de-la-ZoucheCommercial RoadJohn Butler
M D/LCSun24 Oct9.30am Ashby-de-la-ZoucheCommercial RoadNigel Shaw
 CThu28 Oct10.00am Hartington RoundStart PointJohn Critchlow
 BSun31 Oct8.30am NesscliffeGoose StreetMarion Walshaw
 DSun31 Oct10.00am BarlastonStart PointPat Davenport
 SocialFri11 Nov8.00pm Photograph CompetitionConservative Club, NewcastlePeter Johnson-

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Norman Smith was keeping a record of the walks he completed with the HRC, but has had trouble with his website: normansramblings and this is unlikely to be updated.

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