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May to October 2012

T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  DL: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal

GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson-
 A + BThuBi-weeklyDL Additional Thursday WalksContact: Allan WellsVarious-
YH DLA/BFri - Sun27-29 AprDL Conwy Youth Hostel YH DLDLBernard Heath-
 BSun29 Apr8.30am Lathkill DaleCommercial RoadSandra Melbourne
 DSun29 Apr10.00am AudleyStart PointPaul Machin
HHolidayTue1 MayDL Spain Holiday startsAndaluciaPeter Johnson-
 EWed2 May7.15pm Swynnerton / Coates HeathStart PointAlan Ratcliffe
 A+Sun6 May8.00am Ecclesbourne Valley TCommercial RoadBernard Heath
 CSun8 May9.30am Onneley RoundGoose StreetS Rogers / John Williams
HHolidayTue8 MayDL Spain Holiday endsAndaluciaPeter Johnson-
 CThu10 May10.00am GawsworthStart PointJohn Moreton
 BSun13 May8.30am MonyashCommercial RoadSue Everill
 DSun13 May10.00am FroghallStart PointEdna Locker
TMeetingTue15 May7.30pm Committee Meeting TLongton Rugby ClubMargaret Bailey-
 EWed16 May7.15pm HarewoodStart PointBill Locker-
 AThu17 May10.00am Shropshire Way 3Start PointBrian Davies
 ASun20 May8.30am Cracken EdgeCommercial RoadMike Everill
 CSun20 May9.30am WaterfallCommercial RoadNorman Smith
 BikeWed23 May10.00am North Wales Coast Bike RideSee NewsletterJohn Critchlow-
 CThu24 May10.00am GrinshillStart PointMike Harper
 BSun27 May8.30am Windgather RocksCommercial RoadGordon Jones
 DSun27 May10.00am IlamStart PointJohn Moreton
 EWed30 May7.15pm Scholar GreenStart PointKate Cooper
 ASun3 Jun8.30am RainowCommercial RoadDave Chilton
DLDSun3 Jun10.00am Children's Walk DLStart PointMargaret Bailey-
 EWed6 Jun7.15pm BarlastonStart PointJenni McRae
 SocialThu7 Jun6.00am Gaping Gill Pot Hole TDetails in NewsletterJohn Critchlow-
T * DLASun10 Jun7.30am Cotswold Way T * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleMike Everill-
T * DLCSun10 Jun7.30am Cotswold Way T * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Brereton-
 CThu14 Jun10.00am LongsdonStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe
DLASat16 Jun- Double A weekend KingtonDetails in NewsletterBernard Heath-
DLASun17 Jun- Double A weekend KingtonDetails in NewsletterBernard Heath-
 CSun17 Jun9.30am OakamoorCommercial RoadMargaret Abbott
 EWed20 Jun7.15pm StoneStart PointPeter Jones
 AThu21 Jun10.00am Shropshire Way 4Start PointBrian Davies
 BSun24 Jun8.30am Flash BottomCommercial RoadNorman Smith
DLDSun24 Jun10.00am HortonStart PointDave Hollins-
 CThu28 Jun10.00am Churnet valleyStart PointPeter Cartlidge
 ASun1 Jul8.30am BrassingtonCommercial RoadJohn Butler
 CSun1 Jul9.30am BurwardsleyGoose StreetRay Green
 EWed6 Jul7.15pm LoggerheadsStart PointAlan Huthwaite
MBSun8 Jul8.30am Barbecue - Cancelled MCommercial RoadAshley Steadman-
T MDSun8 Jul11.00am Barbecue - Cancelled T MStart PointPeter Corlett-
 CThu12 Jul10.00am LittonStart PointDave Hollins
 A+Sun15 Jul7.00am Carnedds TGoose StreetVanda Szolucha
 CSun15 Jul9.30am HopedaleCommercial RoadSue Corlett
MeetingTue17 Jul7.30pm Committee MeetingLongton Rugby ClubMargaret Bailey-
 EWed18 Jul7.15pm Westport LakeStart PointAshley Steadman
 AThu19 Jul10.00am Shropshire Way 5Start PointBrian Davies
 BSun22 Jul8.30am BleaklowCommercial RoadGordon Gibson
 DSun22 Jul10.00am WybunburyStart PointNorman Rushton
 CThu26 Jul10.00am Biggin DaleStart PointMike Wilkes
 A+Sun29 Jul8.00am Kinder Circuit (no pub)Commercial RoadDuncan Whittall
 CSun29 Jul9.30am Cannock ChaseGoose StreetPhil Ford
DL MEWed1 Aug7.15pm Jubilee Pie Supper DL MStart PointJohn Brereton-
 BSun5 Aug8.30am Black EdgeCommercial RoadJohn Butler
 DSun5 Aug10.00am Salt LineStart PointKate Cooper
 CThu9 Aug10.00am Okeover / MapletonStart PointKen Elkin
 ASun12 Aug8.30am Abney MoorCommercial RoadGillian Kay
 CSun12 Aug9.30am ButtertonCommercial RoadKen Elkin
 AThu16 Aug10.00am Shropshire Way 6Start PointBrian Davies
H DLHolidaySat18 AugDL Austria Holiday starts H DLMike Everill-
 BSun19 Aug8.30am Magpie MinesCommercial RoadAshley Steadman
 DSun19 Aug10.00am WaterhousesStart PointJoyce Rawlinson
 CThu23 Aug10.00am ShirleyStart PointTony Barrow
 ASun26 Aug8.30am Lyme ParkGoose StreetTony Lockett
 CSun26 Aug9.30am Tittesworth ReservoirCommercial RoadMike Gibson
H DLHolidaySat1 SepDL Austria Holiday ends H DLMike Everill-
 BSun2 Sep8.30am Woodhead TunnelsCommercial RoadJohn Critchlowr
 DSun2 Sep10.00am Rushton SpencerStart PointAlan Ratcliffe
 ASun9 Sep8.30am TideswellCommercial RoadGarry Melbourne
 CSun9 Sep9.30am SheenCommercial RoadJohn Moreton
 CThu13 Sep10.00am CheddletonStart PointJohn Brereton
YH DLCSat15 Sep- Double C weekend HathersageDetails in NewsletterBernard Heath-
YH DLCSat16 Sep- Double C weekend HathersageDetails in NewsletterBernard Heath-
 BSun16 Sep8.30am Earl's HillCommercial RoadPhil Burgess
 DSun16 Sep10.00am EndonStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe
MeetingTue18 Sep8.15pm Committee MeetingLongton Rugby ClubMargaret Bailey-
 AThu20 Sep10.00am Shropshire Way 7Start PointBrian Davies
T * DLASun23 Sep7.30am Cotswold Way T * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleMike Everill-
T * DLCSun23 Sep7.30am Cotswold Way T * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Brereton-
 CThu27 Sep10.00am ThorpeStart PointDave Spragg
 SocialThu27 Sep8.00pm QuizDetails in NewsletterMargaret Bailey-
 BSun30 Sep8.30am Rushton SpencerCommercial RoadRay Green
 DSun30 Sep10.00am ConsallStart PointJenni McRae
H DLHolidayMon-Fri1-5 Oct  Skipton Holiday H DLRendezvous HotelMargaret Bailey-
 SocialSat6 Oct7.30am Burbage Brass Band ConcertWeston Coyney Village HallPeter Johnson
 ASun7 Oct8.30am Strines / Derwent MoorCommercial RoadMark Pickin
 CSun7 Oct9.30am FlashCommercial RoadAndy Swindell
 CThu11 Oct10.00am Iron torsStart PointBrian Joynson
YH DLA/B/CFri - Sun12-14 OctDL Kirkby Stephen YH DLDetails in newsletterBernard Heath-
 DSun14 Oct10.00am Finney GreenStart PointBrian Joynson
 ASun21 Oct8.30am Caer CaradocGoose StreetCarol Lockett
 CSun21 Octr9.30am AltonCommercial RoadAlan Huthwaite
 CThu25 Oct10.00am Tegg's NoseStart PointGarry Melbourne
 SocialThu25 Oct8.00pm Cheese & Wine EveningDetails in NewsletterPeter Johnson-
 BSun28 Oct8.30am Longshaw EstateCommercial RoadJohn Critchlow
 DSun28 Oct10.00am CheadleStart PointAlan Huthwaite
DLSocialThu8 Nov8.00pm Photographic Competition DLConservative Club, NewcastlePeter Johnson-

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