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May - October 2013

T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  DL: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal

GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson -
 A + BThuBi-weeklyDL Thursday WalksContact: Allan WellsVarious -
 BSun28 Apr8.30am Brown EdgeCommercial RoadStan Rogers -
 DSun28 Apr10.00am Churnet Valley 1940's DayStart PointPeter Johnson -
 EWed1 May7.00pm SandonStart PointHilary Walker -
 AThu2 May9.45am Ramshaw & Gib Tor RocksContact Allan WellsRay& Pat Bolton -
 ASun5 May8.30am WirksworthCommercial RoadJohn Butler -
 CSun4 Nov9.30am MapletonCommercial RoadNorman Smith -
M DLSocialWed8 May7:30pm Persian MealAneesa Restaurant, Newcastle DLMike Everill -
 CThu9 May10.00am FoolowStart PointBill Locker -
 SocialThu9 May10.00am Monsall Trail Bike RideStart PointJohn Critchlow -
 BSun12 May8.30am RuabonGoose StreetPaul Heathcote -
 DSun12 May10.00am LongsdonStart PointIan Bailey -
TMeetingTue14 May7.30pm Committee Meeting TTrentham Rugby ClubGordon Davenport -
 EWed15 May7.00pm Scholar GreenStart PointKate Cooper -
 BThu16 May9.45am AlstonefieldContact Allan WellsRay Green -
 ASun19 May8.30am RinginglowCommercial RoadAshley Steadman -
 CSun19 May9.30am Three Shire HeadsCommercial RoadBill Locker -
 CThu23 May10.00am HartingtonStart PointGarry Melbourne -
 BSun26 May8.30am Clent HillsGoose StreetAllan Wells
 DSun26 May10.00am TittesworthStart PointJohn Critchlow -
 EWed29 May7.00pm Rushton SpencerStart PointAlan Ratcliffe -
 AThu30 May9.45am Stanage & Burbage EdgesContact Allan WellsBrian Davies -
--Sun2 Jun- Cotswold Way Cancelled---
 EWed5 Jun7.00pm Two CanalsStart PointPauline Hulstone -
 AThu6 Jun9.45am Mam TorContact Allan WellsPeter Lyons -
YH DLA/AFri - Sun8-9 JunDL Hathersage YH W/E YH DLDetails in NewsletterJohn Butler -
 DSun9 Jun10.00am Barbury Gutter DLStart PointMike Harper
 CThu13 Jun10.00am Around EctonStart PointMike Harper
 ASun16 Jun8.30am StiperstonesGoose StreetPhil Burgess -
 CSun16 Jun9.30am Cannock ChaseGoose StreetPhil Ford -
 EWed19 Jun7.00pm WestlandsStart PointPaul Machin
 BSun23 Jun8.30am AlstonefieldCommercial RoadRay Green -
DLDSun23 Jun10:00am Children's Walk DLStart PointMargaret Bailey -
 DThu27 Jun10.00am Long MyndStart PointPhil Ford -
 ASun30 Jun8.30am Lyme ParkCommercial RoadTony Lockett -
 CSun30 Jun9.30am Bonsall (changed)Commercial RoadGarry Melbourne -
 EWed3 Jul7.00pm AudleyStart PointPaul Hogarth
 BSun7 Jul8.30am ButtertonCommercial RoadNorman Smith -
T MDSun7 Jul10:00am CullamooresStart PointJohn Brereton -
 CThu11 Jul10.00am Errwood ReservoirStart PointDave Spragg -
T DLSSat13 JulDL Yorkshire Three PeaksSee NewsletterPaul Woby -
 CSun13 Jul9.30am Onecote (changed)Commercial RoadBarrie Tunnicliffe -
TMeetingTue16 Jul7.30pm Committee Meeting TLongton Cricket ClubGordon Davenport -
 EWed17 Jul7.00pm KidsgroveStart PointJeff Barker -
M DLBSun21 Jul8.30am Barbecue M DLCommercial RoadAshley Steadman -
T M DLDSun21 Jul11.00am Barbecue T M DLStart PointJohn Critchlow -
 CThu25 Jul10.00am Deer and DalesStart PointDave Fowler
 ASun28 Jul8.30am Goyt ValleyCommercial RoadMark Pickin
 CSun28 Jul9.30am Dowall hallCommercial RoadDave Spragg
 EWed31 Jul7.00pm Pie and Pea Start PointJohn Brereton
 AThu1 AugDL Lawley & Caer CaradocContact Allan WellsAllan Wells -
 BSun4 Aug8.30am YoulgreaveCommercial RoadSue Everill -
 DSun4 Aug10.00am YarnfieldStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe -
 DThu8 Aug10.00am BrassingtonStart PointKen Elkin -
 ASun11 Aug8.30am Derwent EdgeCommercial RoadMike Everill -
 CSun11 Aug9.30am Bickerton HillsGoose StreetKen Elkin -
 SocialSat17 AugN/A Visit to Wollaton HallBy CoachJane Rushton -
 BSun18 Aug8.30am KettleshulmeCommercial RoadGillian Kay -
 DSun18 Aug10.00am Scholar GreenStart PointKate Cooper -
HSocialWed21 Aug7:45pm Slovenia Hol MeetingTrentham Rugby ClubGarry Melbourne -
 CThu22 Aug10.00am AlstonefieldStart PointRay Green -
 ASun25 Aug8.30am Three Shires MeetCommercial RoadDuncan Whittall -
 CSun25 Aug9.30am FroghallGoose StreetAlan Huthwaite
 BSun1 Sep8.30am ArmitageGoose StreetJohn Butler -
 DThu1 Sep10.00am * Dilhorne *Start PointLawrence Evans -
 ASun8 Sep8.30am Lathkill DaleCommercial RoadCarol Lockett
 CSun8 Sep9.30am SeighfordGoose StreetAshley Steadman
 CThu12 Sep10.00am Two Country ParksStart PointAllan Wells
--Sun15 Sep7.30am Lake District Coach RambleBlackfriars' RoadAshley Steadman-
TMeetingTue17 Sep7.30pm Committee Meeting TLongton Cricket ClubGordon Davenport -
 ASun22 Sep8.30am CastletonCommercial RoadDave Chilton
 CSun22 Sep9.30am LongfordCommercial RoadBernard Heath
DLSocialWed25 Sep7:30pm Dominoes NightLongton Cricket ClubMargaret Bailey
 CThu26 Sep10.00am TideswellStart PointAshley Steadman
 BSun29 Sep8.30am Kinder - Jaggers CloughCommercial RoadKarl Lawton
 DSun29 Sep10.00am Maer HillsStart PointBrian Joynson
DLSocialWed2 Oct7:00pm Joules Brewery VisitRed Lion, Market DraytonMargaret Bailey
YH DLA/AFri - Sun4-6 OctDL Slaidburn YH W/E YH DLDetails in NewsletterBernard Heath -
 ASun6 Oct8.30am Bosley MinnGoose StreetGarry Melbourne
 CSun6 Oct9.30am Churnet ValleyCommercial RoadPeter Johnson
 CThu10 Oct10.00am Hall DaleStart PointGordon Davenport
 BSun13 Oct8.30am LongnorCommercial RoadDave Yates
 DSun13 Oct10.00am Peover AreaStart PointPeter Corlett
H DLHolidayFri18 Oct  Caernarfon Holiday starts HDetails laterMargaret Bailey -
 ASun20 Oct8.30am Derwent ValleyCommercial RoadBernard Heath
 CSun20 Oct9.30am MaerCommercial RoadStan Rogers
H DLHolidayFri23 Oct  Caernarfon Holiday ends HDetails laterMargaret Bailey -
 BSun27 Oct8.30am BonsallCommercial RoadJohn Williams
 DSun27 Oct10.00am Alton towersStart PointEdna Locker
DLSocialWed30 Oct7:30pm Cheese & Wine TastingLongton Cricket ClubPeter Johnson
DLSocialSat2 NovDL Pig RoastDetails later DLMargaret Bailey
DLSocialThu7 Nov7:30pm Photographic CompetitionDetails later DLKen Elkin
-SocialSat30Nov7:30pm York Christmas MarketDetails in Newsletter DLJane Rushton

Leaders List

View and download the list of Walk Leaders and their preferred grades in a Microsoft Excel Worksheet formLeaders List
Will Leaders and Potential Leaders please notify me of any change they require to be made to this list?

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Norman Smith was keeping a record of the walks he completed with the HRC, but has had trouble with his website: normansramblings and this is unlikely to be updated.

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