Céret holiday in East Pyrenees

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HRC Winter Programme 2008/2009 -- Archive

November 2008 to April 2009
T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  D/L: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal
GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson-
 WorkMonsWeekly9.30am Footpath MaintenanceVariousBill Walshaw-
 ASun26 Oct8.30am Lask EdgeCastle StreetJohn Williams13
 CSun26 Oct9.30am Pontesbury HillGoose StreetBrian Joynson18
 CThu30 Oct10.00am TarvinStart PointSue Corlett8
 BSun2 Nov8.30am Calke AbbeyGoose StreetGordon Gibson21
 DSun2 Nov10.00am ConsallStart PointEdna Locker20
ASun9 Nov8.30am BridgesGoose StreetPaul Heathcote6
 CSun9 Nov9.30am ParwichCastle StreetSue Everill24
 CThu13 Nov10.00am HollingtonStart PointPeter Johnson20
SocialThu13 Nov8pmPhoto Competition Conservative Club, NewcastlePeter Johnson-
 BSun16 Nov8.30am High EdgeCastle StreetNorman Smith19
 DSun16 Nov10.00am LoggerheadsStart PointStan Mayer10
MeetingTue18 Nov8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleBill Locker-
ASun23 Nov8.30am Robin Hood's StrideCastle StreetBernard Heath10
 CSun23 Nov9.30am HilderstoneGoose StreetGordon Davenport10
 CThu27 Nov10.00am Fin CopStart PointSue Everill9
SocialThu27 Nov8pmProbation Evening Conservative Club, NewcastleJoe Moore-
 BSun30 Nov8.30am Cats EdgeCastle StreetPeter Johnson20
 DSun30 Nov10.00am Ladderedge Country ParkStart PointPhil Ford13
T*D/LABSun7 Dec8.00am The Annual ChristmasBlackfriars Road, NewcastleBill Walshaw-
T*D/LCDSun7 Dec 8.00amCoach Ramble Blackfriars Road, NewcastleBrian Joynson-
ASun14 Dec8.30am CressbrookdaleCastle StreetMike Everill12
 CSun14 Dec9.30am MaerGoose StreetJohn Brereton22
MDThu18 Dec10.00am Madeley with mealStart PointBrian Joynson38
 BSun21 Dec8.30am Gun HillCastle StreetBernard Heath9
 DSun21 Dec10.00am SwynnertonStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe22
ASun28 Dec8.30am ThorpeCastle StreetBill Walshaw5
 CSun28 Dec9.30am Church LeighCastle StreetNigel Shaw16
 BSun4 Jan8.30am FulfordGoose StreetStan Rogers-
 DSun4 Jan10.00am CheadleStart PointDave Cooper-
 CThu8 Jan10.00am ModdershallStart PointGordon Davenport-
ASun11 Jan8.30am Stone Circles (Bus)Goose StreetAshley Steadman-
 CSun11 Jan9.30am Alderley EdgeCastle StreetKen Elkin-
 BSun18 Jan8.30am WithingtonCastle StreetPeter Cartlidge-
 DSun18 Jan10.00am ApedaleStart PointHillary Walker-
MeetingTue20 Jan8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleBill Locker-
 CThu22 Jan10.00am Soles HollowStart PointBill Finney-
SocialFri23 Jan7pm Annual Dinner DanceRamada Hotel, ClaytonMargaret Bailey-
 CSun25 Jan9.30am Charman's RambleCastle StreetBill Locker-
ASun1 Feb8.30am Wye DaleCastle StreetJohn Critchlow-
 CSun1 Feb9.30am South of CheadleCastle StreetBil Webb-
 BSun8 Feb8.30am WybunburyGoose StreetJohn Jervis-
 DSun8 Feb10.00am Woodseaves & Downs BanksStart PointPat Davenport-
CThu12 Feb10.00am Okeover & MapletonStart PointKen Elkin-
ASun15 Feb8.30am BelperCastle StreetJohn Butler-
 CSun15 Feb9.30am ConsallCastle StreetColin Pimlott-
 BSun22 Feb8.30am Tegg's Nose Country ParkCastle StreetPhil Burgess-
 DSun22 Feb10.00am ModdershallStart PointAlan Huthwaite-
BThu26 Feb10.00am D H Lawrence WalkStart PointJohn Critchlow-
ASun1 Mar8.30am KettleshulmeCastle StreetJack Allen-
 CSun1 Mar9.30am Devil's Ring and FingerGoose StreetBrian Joynson-
MeetingTue3 Mar8.00pm AGMConservative Club, NewcastleBill Locker-
 BSun8 Mar8.30am ButtertonCastle StreetMargaret Finney-
 DSun8 Mar10.00am Biddulph Country ParkStart PointKate Cooper-
CThu12 Mar10.00am DanebridgeStart PointMike Everill-
ASun15 Mar8.30am Clent & Lickey HillsGoose StreetAllan Wells-
 CSun15 Mar9.30am CheddletonCastle StreetDave Hollins-
MeetingTue17 Mar8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleBill Locker-
 CSat21 Mar8pm Barn DanceWeston Coyney Village HallPeter Johnson-
 BSun22 Mar8.30am ColemereGoose StreetBob Stanley-
 DSun22 Mar10.00am IlamStart PointDave Hollins-
CThu26 Mar10.00am Congleton/Kidsgrove (train) Details laterAllan Wells-
YHABFri-Sun27-29 Mar- Hawes Youth Hostel W/E-Anne Jepson-
 CSun29 Mar9.30am MilldaleCastle StreetBill Finney-
 BSun5 Apr8.30am MatlockCastle StreetMike Gibson-
 DSun5 Apr10.00am FroghallStart PointLawrence Evans-
CThu9 Apr10.00am Earl SterndaleStart PointDave Hollins-
ASun12 Apr8.30am Reaps MoorCastle StreetJohn Williams-
 BSun19 Apr8.30am HartingtonCastle StreetEdward Hambleton-
 DSun19 Apr10.00am AshleyStart PointJohn Brereton-
CThu23 Apr10.00am Hole in the WallStart PointTony Barrow-
ASun26 Apr8.30am Shatton HillHassall StreetMark Pickin-
 CSun26 Apr9.30am Around WincleHassall StreetLiz Dodd-
HHolidayMon27 AprN/A Min Y Mor Holiday startsBarmouthPeter Johnson-
HHolidayFri1 MayN/A Min Y Mor Holiday endsBarmouthPeter Johnson-

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