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HRC Winter Programme 2010 - 2011

November 2010 to April 2011

T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  D/L: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal

GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson-
 WorkMonsWeekly9.30am Footpath MaintenanceVariousBill Walshaw-
MSocialTue26 Oct8.00pm Pig Roast and Party DanceWeston Coyney Village HallPeter Johnson-
 CThu28 Oct10.00am Hartington RoundStart PointJohn Critchlow17
 BSun31 Oct8.30am NesscliffeGoose StreetMarion Walshaw17
 DSun31 Oct10.00am BarlastonStart PointPat Davenport44
 ASun7 Nov8.30am BelperCommercial RoadBernard Heath8
 CSun7 Nov9.30am Back of EctonCommercial RoadSue Everill33
 CThu11 Nov10.00am Churnet ValleyStart PointPeter Cartlidge17
 SocialFri11 Nov8.00pm Photograph CompetitionConservative Club, NewcastlePeter Johnson-
 BSun14 Nov8.30am Chrome HillCommercial RoadNorman Smith20
 DSun14 Nov10.00am Hanchurch PoolsStart PointLawrence Evans32
MeetingTue16 Nov8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleMargaret Bailey-
 ASun21 Nov8.30am Kinder DownfallCommercial RoadBill Walshaw7
 CSun21 Nov9.30am Croxton AbbeyCommercial RoadDave Spragg24
 CThu25 Nov10.00am HollingtonStart PointBill Finney21
 SocialThu25 Nov9.00am BBC Good Food ShowSchool StreetPeter Johnson-
 BSun28 Nov8.30am TutburyCommercial RoadJohn Critchlow12
TDSun28 Nov9:40am LoggerheadsStart PointPauline Hulstone20
MT * D/LASun5 Dec8.00am Christmas Coach RambleBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Butler-
MT * D/LCSun5 Dec8.00am Christmas Coach RambleBlackfriars Road, NewcastleNigel Shaw-
 CThu9 Dec10.00am Long Dale (deep snow)Start PointMike Everill11
 BSun12 Dec8.30am Aqualate MereGoose StreetLinda Gibson15
 DSun12 Dec9:30am AlsagerStart PointJoyce Rawlinson25
M D/LCThu16 Dec10.00am Christmas Turkey TrotStart PointGordon Davenport30
 ASun19 Dec8.30am A and C walks combined - Barlaston (snow affected)Commercial RoadJohn Butler7
 CSun19 Dec8.30am A and C walks combined - Barlaston (snow affected)Commercial RoadJohn Critchlow1
 CMon27 Dec09.30am Trentham (snow affected)Commercial RoadTony Lockett15
 ASun2 Jan8.30am Oliver Hill but not Cheeks HillCommercial RoadAshley Steadman12
 CSun2 Jan9.30am Pilsbury CastleCommercial RoadJohn Moreton17
 BSun9 Jan8.30am BosleyGoose StreetPhil Burgess22
 DSun9 Jan10:00am BarlastonStart PointPhil Ford42
 CThu13 Jan10.00am AnslowStart PointTony Barrow17
 ASun16 Jan8.30am ChelmortonGoose StreetJohn Butler16
 CSun16 Jan9.30am WrinehillGoose StreetHilary Walker24
MeetingTue18 Jan8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleMargaret Bailey-
MSocialFri21 Jan7.00pm Dinner DanceRamada Hotel, ClaytonPeter Johnson-
 BSun23 Jan8.30am MapletonCommercial RoadPaul Heathcote20
 DSun23 Jan10.00am Norton-in-HalesStart PointNorman Rushton42
 CThu27 Jan10.00am The RoachesStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe33
 C/DSun30 Jan9.30am Chairman's RambleCommercial RoadMargaret Bailey22/43
 BSun6 Feb8.30am DenstoneCommercial RoadPeter Cartlidge17
 DSun6 Feb10.00am HartingtonStart PointIan Bailey7
 CThu10 Feb10.00am ConksburyStart PointMike Harper12
 ASun13 Feb8.30am ParwichGoose StreetJohn Butler12
 CSun13 Feb9.30am Marston MontgomeryCommercial RoadKen Elkin18
 BSun20 Feb8.30am LittonCommercial RoadGarry Melbourne19
 DSun20 Feb10.00am FroghallStart PointDave Cooper30
 CThu24 Feb10.00am CarsingtonStart PointKen Elkin17
 ASun27 Feb8.30am MorridgeCommercial RoadTony Lockett10
 CSun27 Feb9.30am Norton-in-HalesCommercial RoadBarrie Tunnicliffe39
MeetingTue1 Mar8.00pm AGMConservative Club, NewcastleMargaret Bailey-
 BSun6 Mar8.30am White NancyCommercial RoadJohn Williams10
 DSun6 Mar10.00am AltonStart PointJenny McRae25
 CThu10 Mar10.00am Hen CloudStart PointJohn Critchlow16
 ASun13 Mar8.30am HayfieldCommercial RoadPaul Woby6
 CSun13 Mar9.30am HanburyCommercial RoadSue Corlett23
MeetingTue15 Mar8.00pm Committee MeetingConservative Club, NewcastleMargaret Bailey-
DLSocialSat19 Mar8.00pm Barn Dance - ProvisionalWeston Coyney Village HallPeter Johnson-
 BSun20 Mar8.30am MalpasGoose StreetBob Stanley?
 DSun20 Mar10.00am GoostreyStart PointPaul Machin31
 CThu24 Mar10.00am LeekStart PointNorman Rushton21
 ASun27 Mar8.30am BakewellCommercial RoadMark Pickin9
 CSun27 Mar9.30am Wolseley BridgeGoose StreetJohn Brereton?
 BSun3 Apr8.30am Market DraytonCommercial RoadMuriel Stretton9
 DSun3 Apr10.00am Ecton HillStart PointEdna Locker13
H D/LHolidayMon4 AprD/L Grange Holiday startsD/LPeter Johnson-
H D/LHolidayFri8 AprD/L Grange Holiday endsD/LPeter Johnson-
YHA/BFri - Sun8-10 AprD/L Lleder House HostelD/LBernard Heath-
 BSun10 Apr8.30am ConsallCommercial RoadMike Gibson16
 CSun10 Apr9.30am HollinsCommercial RoadDave Hollins10
 CThu14 Apr10.00am IpstonesStart PointPeter Johnson27
 ASun17 Apr8.30am Breidden HillsGoose StreetAllan Wells6
 DSun17 Apr10.00am Astbury MereStart PointKate Cooper37
 BSun24 Apr8.30am TaddingtonGoose StreetM Finney & G Jones20
 CSun24 Apr9.30am MilwichGoose StreetBill Locker26
 CThu28 Apr10.00am Lud's ChurchStart PointDave Spragg29
 BSun1 May8.30am Biddulph GrangeCommercial RoadStan Rogers27
 DSun1 May10.00am Berryhill FieldsStart PointAngie Doudican17

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Norman Smith was keeping a record of the walks he completed with the HRC, but has had trouble with his website: normansramblings and this is unlikely to be updated.

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