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HRC Winter Programme 2011 - 2012

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Mike Wilkes

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John Brereton

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November 2011 - April 2012

T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  DL: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal

GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson-
 WorkMonsWeekly9.30am Footpath MaintenanceVariousBill Walshaw-
 SocialWed19 Oct6.15pm Chinese Meal at AtriumCauldon CollegePeter Johnson
 BSun30 Oct8.30am BonsallCommercial RoadJohn Critchlow
 DSun30 Oct10.00am Two CanalsStart PointKate Cooper
 SocialSat5 Nov8.00pm Pig RoastWeston Coyney Village HallPeter Johnson
 ASun6 Nov8.30am Solomon's TempleCommercial RoadMike Everill
 CSun6 Nov9.30am AltonCommercial RoadSue Everill
 CThu10 Nov10.00am TompkinStart PointDave Spragg
 SocialSat10 Nov8.00pm Photographic CompetitionCatholic Club, NewcastleKen Elkin
 BSun13 Nov8.30am OsmastonCommercial RoadBernard Heath
 DSun13 Nov10.00am HattonStart PointHilary Walker
TMeetingTue15 Nov8.00pm Committee Meeting TLongton Rugby club, TrenthamMargaret Bailey-
 ASun20 Nov8.30am Church StrettonGoose StreetPaul Heathcote
 CSun20 Nov9.30am The WrekinGoose StreetBrian Joynson
 CThu24 Nov10.00am YoxallStart PointTony Barrow
 BSun27 Nov8.30am LoggerheadsGoose StreetNorman Smith
 DSun27 Nov10.00am DilhorneStart PointPeter Johnson
T * DLASun4 Dec8.00am Christmas Coach RambleT * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Butler-
T * DLCSun4 Dec8.00am Christmas Coach RambleT * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Critchlow-
T * DLDSun4 Dec8.00am Christmas Coach RambleT * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Critchlow-
 CThu8 Dec10.00am BateswoodStart PointMarion Walshaw
 BSun11 Dec8.30am Peak ForestCommercial RoadMuriel Stretton
DLDSun11 Dec10.00am Milford DLStart PointBill Merchant
DLCThu15 Dec10.00am Turkey Trot and MealStart PointGordon Davenport
 ASun18 Dec8.30am FawfieldheadCommercial RoadBill Walshaw
 CSun18 Dec9.30am BiddulphGoose StreetPeter Gannon
TBTue27 Dec8.30am Earl SterndaleCommercial RoadAshley Steadman
TDTue27 Dec10:00am Backhills, LeekStart PointJohn Brereton
TCSun1 Jan10.30am Resolution RambleStart PointKen Elkin
TAMon2 Jan8.30am DilhorneCommercial RoadPhil Burgess
 BSun8 Jan8.30am IlamCommercial RoadDave Chilton
T MDSun8 Jan11:00am KeeleStart PointPhil Ford
 CThu12 Jan10.00am MonyashStart PointBrian Joynson
 ASun15 Jan8.30am Bottom of the OvenCommercial RoadAshley Steadman
 CSun15 Jan9.30am Woore RoundGoose StreetBarrie Tunnicliffe
MeetingTue17 Jan8.00pm Committee MeetingLongton Rugby Club, TrenthamMargaret Bailey-
DLSocialFri20 Jan7.00pm Dinner DanceRamada Hotel, ClaytonPeter Johnson
 BSun22 Jan8.30am Baslow EdgeCommercial RoadJohn Critchlow
 DSun22 Jan10.00am ModdershallStart PointPauline Hulstone
 CThu26 Jan10.00am Longnor (see Stop Press)Start Point changedKen Elkin
 ASun29 Jan8.30am AshbourneCommercial RoadJohn Butler
 CSun29 Jan9.30am Tideswell DaleCommercial RoadJeff Barker
 BSun5 Feb8.30am Cloud EndCommercial RoadRay Green
 DSun5 Feb10.00am Tittensor ChaseStart PointTrevor Rushton
 CThu9 Feb10.00am OkeoverStart PointBill Merchant
 ASun12 Feb8.30am Longstone EdgeCommercial RoadJohn Butler
 CSun12 Feb9.30am CroxdenCommercial RoadBill Locker
 BSun19 Feb8.30am BonsallCommercial RoadGarry Melbourne
 DSun19 Feb10.00am LeadendaleStart PointGordon Davenport
DLSocialTue21 FebDL Golden OldiesLongton Rugby Club, TrenthamPeter Johnson
 CThu23 Feb10.00am Wetley RocksStart PointDave Hollins
 ASun26 Feb8.30am Leek MoorlandsCommercial RoadTony Lockett
 CSun26 Feb9.30am MadeleyGoose StreetBob Stanley
 SocialThu1 MarDL Meal at the AtriumDLPeter Johnson
 BSun4 Mar8.30am Macclesfield ForestCommercial RoadJohn Williams
 DSun4 Mar10.00am FroghallStart PointLawrence Evans
MeetingTue6 Mar8.00pm AGMLongton Rugby Club, TrenthamMargaret Bailey-
 CThu8 Mar10.00am TicknallStart PointSue Corlett
 ASun11 Mar8.30am BollingtonOops!Allan Wells
 CSun11 Mar9.30am HanchurchOops!Trevor Rushton
DLSocialWed14 MarDL Visit to Fire StationDetails LaterAlan Ratcliffe
 BSun18 Mar8.30am WinsterCommercial RoadKath Moran
 DSun18 Mar10.00am Deep Hayes Country ParkStart PointDave Cooper
MeetingTue20 Mar8.00pm Committee MeetingLongton Rugby Club, TrenthamMargaret Bailey-
 CThu22 Mar10.00am MorridgeStart PointNorman Rushton
 SocialSat24 MarDL Barn DanceDLPeter Johnson
 CSun25 Mar9.30am Chairman's RambleCommercial RoadMargaret Bailey
H DLHolidayMon-Fri26-30 Mar  Llangollen Holiday H DLBryn Howel HotelPeter Johnson-
 BSun1 Apr8.30am BarlastonGoose StreetMike Gibson
 DSun1 Apr10.00am Toothill and AltonStart PointBill Finney
 ASun8 Apr8.30am DenstoneCommercial RoadPeter Cartlidge
 CSun8 Apr9.30am Stanley HeadCommercial RoadPeter Johnson
 CThu12 Apr10.00am YoulgreaveStart PointBill Finney
 BSun15 Apr8.30am Badderley EdgeCommercial RoadStan Rogers
 DSun15 Apr10.00am Coombes ValleyStart PointDave Hollins
 ASun22 Apr8.30am FlashCommercial RoadMark Pickin
 CSun22 Apr9.30am Siddington HeathGoose StreetNorman Rushton
YH DLA/BFri - Sun27-29 AprDL Conwy Youth Hostel YH DLDLBernard Heath-
 CThu27 Oct10.00am White NancyStart PointPeter Gannon
 BSun29 Apr8.30am Lathkill DaleCommercial RoadSandra Melbourne
 DSun29 Apr10.00am AudleyStart PointPaul Machin

Leaders List

View and download the list of Walk Leaders and their preferred grades in a Microsoft Excel Worksheet formLeaders List
Will Leaders and Potential Leaders please notify me of any change they require to be made to this list?

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