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November 2012 to April 2013

T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  DL: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal

GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson-
 A + BThuBi-weeklyDL Additional Thursday WalksContact: Allan WellsVarious-
 BSun28 Oct8.30am Longshaw EstateCommercial RoadJohn Critchlow
 DSun28 Oct10.00am CheadleStart PointAlan Huthwaite
 SocialSat3 Nov8.00pm Pig Roast DLWeston Coyney Village HallPeter Johnson
 ASun4 Nov8.30am Hen CloudCommercial RoadKarl Lawton
 CSun4 Nov9.30am ShugboroughGoose StreetMike Wilkes
 CThu8 Nov10.00am KnypersleyStart PointPauline Hulstone
 SocialSat8 Nov8.00pm Photographic CompetitionLongton Rugby ClubKen Elkin
 BSun11 Nov8.30am FoolowCommercial RoadGarry Melbourne
 DSun11 Nov10.00am Tittensor ChaseStart PointTrevor Rushton
 DThu15 Nov10.00am Rode HeathStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe
 ASun18 Nov8.30am RainowCommercial RoadDave Chilton
 CSun18 Nov9.30am CresswellCommercial RoadBarrie Tunnicliffe
TMeetingTue20 Nov7.30pm Committee Meeting TLongton Rugby club, TrenthamMargaret Bailey-
 CThu22 Nov10.00am ConsallStart PointPeter Johnson
 BSun25 Nov8.30am DayhillsGoose StreetAshley Steadman
 DSun25 Nov10.00am Whitmore HeathStart PointKen Ratcliffe
 SocialSat29 Nov8.00pm Games Evening DLLongton Rugby ClubPeter Johnson
T * DLBSun2 Dec8.00am Christmas Coach RambleT * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleJohn Critchlow-
T * DLCSun2 Dec8.00am Christmas Coach RambleT * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastlePeter Johnson-
T * DLDSun2 Dec8.00am Christmas Coach RambleT * DLBlackfriars Road, NewcastleBrian Joynson-
 DThu6 Dec10.00am ParkhallStart PointKen Elkin
 BSun9 Dec8.30am ParwichCommercial RoadSue Everill
DLDSun9 Dec10.00am Bosley DLStart PointPeter Corlett
DLCThu13 Dec10.00am Turkey Trot and MealStart PointGordon Davenport
 ASun16 Dec8.30am Bunster HillCommercial RoadMike Everill
 CSun16 Dec9.30am TideswellCommercial RoadJohn Critchlow
 CThu27 Dec10.00am Brindley's MasterpieceStart PointMike Harper
 ASun30 Dec8.30am ReapsmoorCommercial RoadAshley Steadman
 DThu3 Jan10.00am Hem Heath Newstead WoodsStart PointAshley Steadman
 BSun6 Jan8.30am HognastonCommercial RoadJohn Butler
T MDSun6 Jan10:00am Newcastle Park LandStart PointPhil Ford
 CThu10 Jan10.00am Round The RoachesStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe
 ASun13 Jan8.30am IpstonesCommercial RoadPeter Johnson
 CSun13 Jan9.30am AlstonefieldCommercial RoadBill Locker
MeetingTue15 Jan7.30pm Committee MeetingLongton Rugby Club, TrenthamMargaret Bailey-
 BSun20 Jan8.30am BarthomleyGoose StreetRay Green
 DSun20 Jan10.00am Hooks GreenStart PointJohn Brereton
 CThu24 Jan10.00am Churnet ValleyStart PointBill Locker
 ASun27 Jan8.30am Biddulph CircuitGoose StreetPhil Burgess
 CSun27 Jan9.30am EllastoneCommercial RoadKen Elkin
 BSun3 Feb8.30am ThorpeCommercial RoadNorman Smith
 DSun3 Feb10.00am Around StoneStart PointHilary Walker
 DThu7 Feb10.00am CotwaltonStart PointMike Wilkes
 ASun10 Feb8.30am WirksworthCommercial RoadJohn Butler
 CSun10 Feb9.30am Mere HillCommercial RoadTrevor Rushton
 CThu14 Feb10.00am Nick i' th' HillStart PointBrian Joynson
 BSun17 Feb8.30am RoachesCommercial RoadJohn Williams
 DSun17 Feb10.00am Brown EdgeStart PointMargaret Bailey
 ASun24 Feb8.30am ManifoldCommercial RoadKath Moran
 CSun24 Feb9.30am AstonGoose StreetVal Joynson
 CThu29 Feb10.00am IpstonesStart PointDave Hollins
DLSocialFri1 Mar7.00pm Dinner DanceNorth Staffs, Stoke DLPeter Johnson
 BSun3 Mar8.30am HolmesfieldCommercial RoadJohn Butler
 DSun3 Mar10.00am Three Shire's HeadStart PointDave Hollins
MeetingTue5 Mar8.00pm AGMLongton Rugby Club, TrenthamMargaret Bailey-
 DThu7 Mar10.00am Mow CopStart PointJohn Critchlow
 ASun10 Mar8.30am The CloudGoose StreetBernard Heath
 CSun10 Mar9.30am OkeoverCommercial RoadBill Merchant
 CThu14 Mar10.00am WithingtonStart PointTony Barrow
 BSun17 Mar8.30am Higger TorCommercial RoadDave Chilton
 DSun17 Mar10.00am Froghall AreaStart PointLawrence Evans
MeetingTue19 Mar7.30pm Committee MeetingTrentham Rugby ClubGordon Davenport-
 CSun24 Mar9.30am Chairman's Ramble CancelledCommercial RoadMargaret Bailey
 SocialWed27 Mar8.00pm Play Your Cards Right NightTrentham Rugby ClubDLMargaret Bailey
 CThu28 Mar10.00am Great Longstone CancelledStart PointNorman Rushton
 BSun31 Mar8.30am Cheshire HillsGoose StreetTony Lockett
 DSun31 Mar10.00am BetleyStart PointAlan Ratcliffe
 BThu4 Apr9.45am Alstonefield/IlamContact Allan WellsGillian Kay
 DThu4 Apr10.00am HarewoodStart Point ChangedDave Hollins
 ASun7 Apr8.30am Burbage & Black EdgesCommercial RoadJack Allen
 CSun7 Apr9.30am Lask EdgeCommercial RoadAngela Doudican
 CThu11 Apr10.00am Shining TorStart Point changedBill Merchant
YH DLA/B/CFri - Sun12-14 AprDL Windermere YH YH DLDLBernard Heath-
 BSun14 Apr8.30am The Lawley & Wilstone Hill (change)Goose StreetAllan Wells
 DSun14 Apr10.00am CopmereStart PointPauline Hulstone
H DLHolidaySat20 Apr  Isle Of Wight Holiday starts HShanklinMargaret Bailey-
 ASun21 Apr8.30am High WheeldonCommercial RoadMark Pickin
H DLHolidayFri26 Apr  Isle Of Wight Holiday ends HShanklinMargaret Bailey-
 BSun28 Apr8.30am Brown EdgeCommercial RoadStan Rogers
 DSun28 Apr10.00am DimmingdaleStart PointJenny Smith
M DLSocialWed8 May7:30pm Persian MealAneesa Restaurant, Newcastle DLMike Everill

Leaders List

View and download the list of Walk Leaders and their preferred grades in a Microsoft Excel Worksheet formLeaders List
Will Leaders and Potential Leaders please notify me of any change they require to be made to this list?

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Norman Smith was keeping a record of the walks he completed with the HRC, but has had trouble with his website: normansramblings and this is unlikely to be updated.

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