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November 2013 - April 2014

Please use only to an up-to-date page as changes may be made at any time. Last changes made on 6 January 2014

T: Note Time and/or Day   *: Note Meeting Point  DL: Details later   H: Holiday   YH: Youth Hostel   M: Meal

GradeDayDateTimeVenueMeeting PointLeader
 SocialWedsWeekly9.30am Badminton, table tennis etc.Fenton ManorPeter Johnson
 A + BThuBi-weeklyDL Thursday WalksContact: Allan WellsVarious
 BSun27 Oct8.30am BonsallCommercial RoadJohn Williams
 DSun27 Oct10.00am Alton TowersStart PointEdna Locker
 SocialWed30 Oct7.30pm Cheese & WineLongton Cricket ClubMargaret Bailey
 SocialSat2 Nov8.00pm Pig Roast & Dance (CANCELLED)Weston Coyney VHMargaret Bailey
 ASun3 Nov8.30am Delamere ForestGoose Street, NewcastleAllan Wells
 CSun3 Nov9.30am Monyash Stubbs LaneJohn Critchlow
 DThu7 Nov10.00am Silverdale VoidStart PointPhil Ford
 SocialThu7 Nov7.30pm Photograph CompetitionLongton Cricket ClubKen Elkin
 BSun10 Nov8.30am Church StrettonGoose StreetPaul Heathcote
 DSun10 Nov10.00am StanleyStart PointDave Spragg
 CThu14 Nov10.00am Tittesworth ReservoirStart PointDave Spragg
TASun17 Nov8.00am The Berwyns (T)Goose StreetPhil Hughes
 CSun17 Nov9.30am Delamere ForestGoose StreetKen Elkin
TMeetingTue19 Nov7.30pm Committee Meeting (T)Longton Cricket ClubGordon Davenport
 BSun24 Nov8.30am Farley Stubbs LanePeter Johnson
 DSun24 Nov10.00am Whitelee/HeatonStart PointAlan Ratcliffe
 SocialWed27 Nov7.30pm Horse Race NightLongton Cricket ClubMargaret Bailey
 CThu28 Nov10.00am Around LeekStart PointPeter Johnson
 SocialSat30 Nov8.30am Coach Trip, York Xmas MarketSee NewsletterMargaret Bailey
 ASun1 Dec8.30am Derwent Valley Stubbs LaneBill Walshaw
 CSun1 Dec9.30am AudleyGoose StreetNorman Smith
 DThu5 Dec10.00am CopmereStart PointJohn Brereton
-BSun8 Dec8.30am Christmas Coach RambleSee NewsletterDave Chilton
-CSun8 Dec8.30am Christmas Coach RambleSee NewsletterJohn Critchlow
-DSun8 Dec8.30am Christmas Coach RambleSee NewsletterAshley Steadman
-CThu12 Dec10.00am Turkey TrotSee NewsletterGordon Davenport
 ASun15 Dec8.30am Lyme Park (Jack Allen) Stubbs LaneMike Everill
 CSun15 Dec9.30am Hanchurch HillsGoose StreetAshley Steadman
TA+Sun29 Dec7.30am Llangollen (T)Goose StreetPaul Woby
 CSun29 Dec9.30am Old Man Of Mow Stubbs LaneS. Rogers
BSun5 Jan8.30am IdlerocksGoose StreetSue Everill
DSun5 Jan10.00am Oddo Hall AreaStart PointMike Harper
 CThu9 Jan10.00am Consall WoodsStart PointKen Elkin
 ASun12 Jan8.30am Congleton EdgeGoose StreetPhil Burgess
 CSun12 Jan9.30am Wardlow Mires Stubbs LaneAshley Steadman
TMeetingTue14 Jan7.30pm Committee Meeting (T)Longton Cricket ClubGordon Davenport
 BSun19 Jan8.30am Monsal Head Stubbs LaneKath Moran
 DSun19 Jan10.00am Chapel ChorltonStart PointAlan Huthwaite
 CThu23 Jan10.00am West Of ChurnetStart PointBill Locker
 ASun26 Jan8.30am Brassington Stubbs LaneTony Lockett
 CSun26 Jan9.30am Foxt Stubbs LaneBill Locker
 BSun2 Feb8.30am Romping Donkey Stubbs LaneNorman Smith
 DSun2 Feb10.00am The Rudge, AshleyStart PointJohn Brereton
 DThu6 Feb10.00am CrowdecoteStart PointBrian Joynson
 ASun9 Feb8.30am Hen Cloud Stubbs LaneKarl Lawton
 CSun9 Feb9.30am Wetton MillGoose StreetJohn Critchlow
 CThu13 Feb10.00am The RoachesStart PointGarry Melbourne
 SocialSat15 Feb8.00pm Barn DanceWeston Coyney Village HallMargaret Bailey
 BSun16 Feb8.30am SandonGoose Street, NewcastleJohn Butler
 DSun16 Feb10.00am Winterley/HaslingtonStart PointPeter Corlett
 ASun23 Feb8.30am Hartington Circuit Stubbs LaneDave Chilton
 CSun23 Feb9.30am StandonGoose StreetDave Tovey
 SocialWed26 Feb7.30pm Games NightLongton Cricket ClubMargaret Bailey
 CThu27 Feb10.00am TissingtonStart PointMike Harper
 BSun2 Mar8.30am MilwichGoose StreetStan Rogers
 DSun2 Mar10.00am ConsallStart PointJenny Smith
TMeetingTue4 Mar7.30pm AGM (T)Longton Cricket ClubGordon Davenport
 DThu6 Mar10.00am SandonStart PointHilary Walker
 ASun9 Mar8.30am Lask Edge Stubbs LaneBernard Heath
 CSun9 Mar9.30am Nettlebeds Stubbs LaneSue Corlett
 CThu13 Mar10.00am Cats EdgeStart PointBill Merchant
DLSocialFri14 Mar7:00pm Annual Dinner DanceNorth Staffs HotelMargaret Bailey
 BSun16 Mar8.30am Matlock Stubbs LaneDave Yates
 DSun16 Mar10.00am Around BetchtonStart PointKate Cooper
TMeetingTue18 Mar7.30pm Committee Meeting (T)Longton Cricket ClubGarry Melbourne
 CSun23 Mar9.30am Chairman's Ramble Stubbs LaneGarry Melbourne
 CThu27 Mar10.00am HartingtonStart PointRay Green
 BSun30 Mar8.30am Dowel Dale Stubbs LaneRay Green
 DSun30 Mar10.00am Brown Edge/KnypersleyStart PointIan Bailey
H DLHolidayMon31 Mar  Keswick Holiday starts (H DL)See NewsletterMargaret Bailey
 DThu3 Apr10.00am Old Man Of MowStart PointDave Hollins
H DLHolidayFri4 Apr  Keswick Holiday ends (H)See NewsletterMargaret Bailey
 ASun6 Apr8.30am Bonsall Stubbs LaneMark Pickin
 CSun6 Apr9.30am The Cloud Stubbs LaneSandra Melbourne
 CThu10 Apr10.00am HilderstoneStart PointBarrie Tunnicliffe
YH DLABCFri - Sun11-13 AprDL Brecon Beacons W/E (YH DL)See NewsletterBernard Heath
 DSun13 Apr10.00am Horton BrookStart PointDave Hollins
 ASun20 Apr8.30am Foolow Stubbs LaneGarry Melbourne
 CSun20 Apr9.30am Leek Landscapes Stubbs LaneBill Webb
 CThu24 Apr10.00am SandbachStart PointJohn Moreton
 BSun27 Apr8.30am Foxt Stubbs LaneMargaret Abbott
 DSun27 Apr10.00am Betley/Batterley AreaStart PointPaul Machin

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Norman Smith was keeping a record of the walks he completed with the HRC, but has had trouble with his website: normansramblings and this is unlikely to be updated.

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