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Hanliensian Rambling Club Interim Programme Arrangements 2020 as we Emerge from Covid-19 and sink back in.

Following a few months of walking with restictions we have now suspended the Programme as we are placed into a Nationwide lockdown for England.

From 5 November 2020 you are allowed to walk with members of your household or with one person from another household.

Hanliensian Rambling Club Nov, Dec 2020 Programme

Walks Co-ordinatoPhil Burgess Map Reading Booklet
Compiling Team for this programme

Bill Walshaw

Sunday A & B Walks

Thursday A & B Walks

Ian Bailey

Sunday C Walks

John Brereton

Sunday D Walks

Ashley Steadman

Thursday C & D Walks

Please use only to an up-to-date programme as changes may be made at any time. Last changed on 1 November 2020

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Ongoing Plans for the Future - subject to Covid-19 restrictions

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