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Welcome to our programme, here you can find information about our walks and social events, if you have any questions you can use our contact us page.

Our Grading System

  • ‘D’ (Morning Walks) 4 to 5 miles suitable for families.
  • ‘C’ 7 to 9 miles at an easy pace.
  • ‘B’ 10 to 12 miles.
  • ‘A’ 12 to 15 miles.
  • ‘A+’ 15 to 20 miles or strenuous mountain routes.
  • ‘S’ Special. Over 20 miles or special circumstances.
  • ‘E’ (Wednesday Evening Walks) 3 to 4 miles in summer – suitable for families.
  • ‘G’ 2 to 3 miles at a gentle pace, On some Thursdays – usually followed by a meal.

Walking Programme March to May 2024

Hanliensian RamblingClub (HRC)
T: Note Time /or DayDL: Details laterH: HolidayYH: Youth HostelM: Walk with Meal
SocialWedsAll10:00Badminton, table tennisFenton Manor Sports ComplexSJ 887453Mike Everill
BSun25-Feb08:30Narrowdale HillSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Hilary Pickin
Wedgwood Pools42 Park Drive, BarlastonMargaret Boggis
BThu29-Feb09:30RoachesEndon Cricket ClubPeter Buffey/Ray Green 07500058943
GThu29-Feb10:30Lyme ValleyBuckmaster Ave Lower CPSJ855445Jean Huthwaite
BSun3-Mar08:30Endon & BagnallSt Ann St C.P, Hanley SJ888476Ian Bailey
CSun3-Mar09:30DenstoneSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Margaret Abbott
CThu7-Mar10:00Walk CancelledWalk CancelledJohn Butler 01782 615725
BSun10-Mar08:30BrailsfordSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Dennis Ayre
DSun10-Mar10:00MucklestoneLoggerheads PH CPSJ738358Norman Smith
DThu14-Mar10:00Rudyard LakeRudyard Miniature Railway CPSJ956578Margaret Ward 01782 271489
ASun17-Mar08:30Not Filled
CSun17-Mar09:30Stockton BrookSt Ann St C.P. HanleySJ888476Jose Green
Weds20-Mar19:00Annual General Meeting TBurslem Cricket ClubSJ873485Ian Bailey
ABThu21-Mar10:00Not Filled
GThu21-Mar10:30Butt LaneRed BullSJ828550Jeff & Joyce
ASun24-Mar09:00Croker HillChurch Lane, Gawsworth (by stile)SJ889696Ray Bolton
DSun24-Mar10:00Harewood HallDilhorne Rec CPSJ971434Peter Johnson
CThu28-Mar10:00Park HallPark Hall Country Park, Hulme Rd. ST3 5AXDave Yates [email protected]
ASun31-Mar08:30Cheshire MatterhornSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476PhilBurgess
CSun31-Mar09:30Dane Valley WaySt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Dave Joynson
DThu4-April10:00walk cancelledwalk cancelledPeter Johnson [email protected]
BSun7-April08:30Stanton/EllastoneSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Dennis Ayre
DSun7-April10:00Newcastle GreenwayBlackbank Rd lower CP. with windmillsSJ 822477Sue Bradbury
BThu11-April10:00Millers DaleMillers Dale Station CPSK138730Hilary Pickin [email protected]
GThu11-April10:30Ford Green HallHorn & TrumpetSJ890499Dave Hollins
BSun14-April08:30CITY WALKSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Karl Lawton
CSun14-April09:30Not Filled
CThu18-April10:00ConsallConsall Visitor Centre CPSJ994481Margaret Abbott [email protected]
BSun21-April08:30CardingtonGoose St CP, NewcastleSJ849457Brian Purcell
DSun21-April10:00Astbury MereAstbury CP & Visitor CentreSJ946625Kate Cooper
DThu25-April10:00Barlaston DownsBarlaston Green CPSJ897386Ashley Steadman [email protected]
ASun28-April08:30Not Filled
CSun28-April09:00Litton TSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Bill Merchant
ABThu2-May10:00Not Filled
GThu2-May11:00Bathpool TBathpool CP North, Acres NookSJ841535Jane Rushton
BSun5-May08:30WarslowSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Mark Nelson
DSun5-May10:00Bluebell WalkKidsgrove Railway ApproachSJ837544Kate Cooper
Mon6-MayWhitby Holiday Begins H
Fri10-MayWhitby Holiday Ends H
St Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Paul Woby
C Walk CANCELLEDSun12-May09:30Walk CancelledWalk CancelledSJ849457Mike Gibson
DThu16-May10:00CaverswallRed House PH CPSJ951430Sue Everill [email protected]
BSun19-May08:30Not Filled
DSun19-May10:00StanleyRose & Crown PHSJ926521Margaret Abbott
BThu23-May10:00Derwent EdgeCutthroat Bridge CPSK217874Mark Pickin [email protected]
GThu23-May10:30Hem HeathHem Heath Woods CPSJ886411Mike Wilkes
ASun26-May08:30Around BuxtonSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Bernard Heath
CSun26-May09:00Not Filled
CThu30-May10:00BigginAlstonefield Village CPSK129555Mike Everill [email protected]

Programme June to August 2024

Hanliensian Rambling Club(HRC)
T: Note Time and/or DayDL: Details laterH: HolidayYH: Youth HostelM: Walk with MealGS: Goose Street car park
SocialWedsAll10:00:00Badminton, table tennisFenton Manor Sports ComplexSJ 887453Mike Everill
ASun26-May08:30Around BuxtonSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Bernard Heath
CSun26-May09:30Not Filled
EWeds29-May19:00Not Filled
CThu30-May10:00BigginAlstonefield Village CPSK129555Mike Everill [email protected]
ABCDSun2-June08:00Ambleside Coach Ramble TGoose Street C.P, NewcastleSJ849457Phil Burgess
DThu6-June10:00Church LawtonSnapes AquaductSJ810566Nigel Shaw
ASun9-June08:30Not Filled
CSun9-June09:30BagnallSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Claire Farrell
EWeds12-June19:00Around Scholar GreenTravellers Rest PH, Scholar GreenST7 3HAKate Cooper
BThu13-June10:00EyamLittonSK163752Garry Melbourne [email protected]
G Walk CancelledThu13-June10:30Walk CancelledWalk CancelledVal Joynson
BSun16-June08:30Stanton-by-BridgeSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Dennis Ayre
DSun16-June10:00BagnallTomkin LaneSJ947513Bill Merchant
CThu20-June10:00Trentham to Stone LinearTrentham Monkey Forest CPSJ865393Ashley Steadman [email protected]
ASun23-June08:30Not Filled
CSun23-June09:30Chrome HillSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Dave Joynson
EWeds26-June19:00Silverdale Country ParkKents Lane Sports Centre CP, SilverdaleSJ812467Bill Walshaw
BSun30-June08:30LittonSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Garry Melbourne
DSun30-June10:00Wedgwood MonumentApedale RoadSJ823488Nigel Shaw
BThu4-July10:00Alport CastlesFearfall Wood CPSE187876Mark Pickin [email protected]
GThu4-July10:30Canal WalkTrentham Hotel CPSJ850409Ken Elkin
BSun7-July08:30Chairmans Summer PicnicOakamoor Picnic AreaSK053447Karl Lawton
DSun7-July10:00Chairmans Summer PicnicOakamoor Picnic AreaSK053447Margaret Abbott
EWeds10-July19:00OultonBrushmakers Arms PH CPSJ908358Ashley Steadman [email protected]
CThu11-July10:00Foxt & IpstonesFroghall Wharf CPSK027476Margaret Abbott [email protected]
BSun14-July08:30Weaver Navigation GSGoose Street C.P, NewcastleSJ849457Dennis Ayre
DSun14-July10:00Trentham Park & Hanchurch HillsTrentham Arches CPSJ868406Ashley Steadman [email protected]
DThu18-July10:00TBCPeter Johnson [email protected]
ASun21-July08:30BakewellSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Phil Burgess
CSun21-July09:00Tideswell TSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Garry Melbourne
EWeds24-July19:00Barlaston & WedgwoodBarlaston Green CPSJ897386Ashley Steadman [email protected]
BThu25-July10:00The TorsGoyt Valley Main CPSK013756Hilary Pickin [email protected]
GThu25-July10:30Burslem GrangeBrindley Farm PH CPSJ865476Jeff & Joyce
BSun28-July08:30Totley MoorSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Brian Purcell
DSun28-July10:00Not Filled
CThu1-Aug10:00ModdershallBarlaston Green CPSJ897386Mike Everill [email protected]
ASun4-Aug08:00Llantisilio T GSGoose Street C.P, NewcastleSJ849457Paul Woby
CSun4-Aug09:30Not Filled
EWeds7-Aug18:30Pie & Pea Supper T MTBAMargaret Abbott
BSun11-Aug08:30Around RocesterSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Bernard Heath
DSun11-Aug10:00Not Filled
ABThu15-Aug10:00Not Filled
GThu15-Aug10:30Trentham ParkMan in Space PH CPSJ874418John Brereton
ASun18-Aug08:30FoolowSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Kath Moran
CSun18-Aug09:30Woore GSGoose Street C.P, NewcastleSJ849457Mike Gibson
CThu22-Aug10:00Dove ValleyRoadside Parking A52, 1.5 km East of SwinscoeSK143476John Butler 01782 615725
BSun25-Aug08:30BleaklowSt Ann St C.P, HanleySJ888476Mark Nelson
DSun25-Aug10:00Not Filled
DThu29-Aug10:00Park Hall HillsBolton Gate CPSJ938446Sue Everill [email protected]
ASun1-Sept08:30Not Filled
CSun1-Sept09:30Not Filled
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